A Stanford Startup Needs An Affordable App Prototype

Prototyping “Bay of Pigs”

Client Overview

The Bay of Pigs is a seed-stage startup that's building a new kind of restaurant review service. With the motto “there's a bad 4-star Yelp restaurant on every block,” the Bay of Pigs focuses on quality instead of broad coverage. Their mission is to improve the dining experience by offering a carefully curated list of outstanding restaurants at every price point.

Skylight jumped in to build an application prototype that could be demonstrated to potential investors and used to collect real-world feedback from pilot users.

The Challenge: An App that Runs Everywhere, On A Budget

The Bay of Pigs founder needed to create an app prototype that runs on iPhone, Android, and tablet devices, and could be demoed to investors on a laptop. The project also called for the creation of a secure administrative interface for writing and publishing restaurant reviews featured in the app. To boot, the client had a limited budget, and was deeply concerned about the costs involved in developing on multiple platforms.

We used our “write once, run everywhere” method of app development to create a single, hybrid app prototype that runs on all of the required platforms. Our work fulfilled the project's technical requirements, exceeded the founder's expectations in terms of functionality, and was completed on time and under budget.

“With Skylight's help, we were able to get our app in front of potential investors and pilot users more quickly and affordably than we expected.”
—Jesse Rodin, Bay of Pigs Founder