Workflow Management Software that Drives Business Results

MomentumMedia's “Pubsoft” System

Client Overview

MomentumMedia is a print and electronic publishing firm that produces content for more than 200,000 sports professionals working with high school, college, and professional athletes.

Skylight consultants created a web-based workflow management system for MomentumMedia that automates sales, advertising materials tracking, and lead generation. The software manages the lifecycle of every media product, from concept creation to final publication.

The Challenge: Solving For Complex Business Requirements

Magazine production requires tracking of a very large number of moving parts, including editorial content, available advertising space, and hundreds or thousands of files from advertisers. At the end of the production cycle each of these pieces must fall smoothly into place on the day the issue is sent to the printer.

We performed a deep dive on MomentumMedia's business processes and created business software that is specifically tailored to the company's workflow. This allowed MomentumMedia to increase the efficiency of their sales and production operations and grow their business without significant staff additions.

“Mark [Skylight co-founder] took the time to really understand our business like no one else has done.”
—Mark Goldberg, MomentumMedia Owner

MomentumMedia Before MomentumMedia After
Workflow processes were handled by a set of ad hoc tools. All business workflows are managed by a single, master tool.
The sales effort was handled separately from ad materials collection and production. The sales process is fully integrated with the magazine production process.
Data was difficult to access from outside the office. Data can be securely and easily accessed through a clean web console.
Advertiser lead generation was handled manually. Advertiser lead generation is fully automated, saving hundreds of work hours per year.