Who We Are

Skylight is a team of designers and software engineers who specialize in the rapid development of web applications, hybrid mobile apps, and custom business software. Our people have phenomenal skills, a friendly can-do attitude, and fresh perspectives that can help you grow your business.


Mark Nye

Software Architect & Engineer

Mark comes to Skylight with over a decade of experience building academic IT systems. The software and services that Mark has developed are used every day by hundreds of thousands of users at the University of Illinois and around the world. Mark is the driving force behind the architecture and development of Skylight projects. He combines a customer-focused sensibility with his diverse experience in software engineering, user experience, and information design to deliver consistently outstanding results to Skylight clients.

Sascha Ebeling

Strategy & Leadership

Sascha, who drives our strategy and leadership effort, is a professor at the University of Chicago, where he teaches leadership education and humanities classes. Born and raised in Germany, he has been a scholar and educator for over two decades and has taught students in the US, Europe and Asia. He is the author of numerous academic publications and a sought-after speaker and thought leader, who is particularly interested in applying knowledge from the humanities and qualitative social sciences to business problems.


Jenni Kotting

Graphic Design & Strategic Communications

Jenni Kotting is a designer who believes in culture shift as a brace for political change. Following her academic career, she has found her heart and soul in creative communications and inclusive design for social justice. For the past 10 years, she has worked with nonprofits and universities around the country. She collaborates easily and quickly with folks who want to revive their online presence and create meaningful branding. Her latest work is at jkotting.com.

Louis Libert

User Experience Lead

Louis is a designer and user experience expert with a breadth of knowledge in the creative process. He combines data-focused analysis with a suburb artistic sensibility to help Skylight clients build beautiful products that grab the user's attention. Louis is also online education expert with 15 years of experience helping education providers with every aspect of online learning, including content development, custom courseware deployment, and program marketing and growth.

Tulsi Dharmarajan

Product & Marketing

With 20 years of experience building world-class software products, Tulsi offers our clients a tremendous wealth of insight into product design, business process, creative direction, and strategy. In short, Tulsi knows how to build beautiful, functional products that customers love. Tulsi serves as a core advisor to Skylight and is currently the Vice President of Product and Design at Austin-based startup Verb.

Nick Jones

Software Engineering

Nick is a software engineer with over 10 years of experience crafting solutions to a plethora of software problems. He has worked on global-scale infrastructure at Google, built social products at YouTube, and worked with a diverse set of startups. Aside from his software skills, Nick brings to Skylight broad mathematical knowledge from a Fulbright-supported doctorate in theoretical physics.

Core Skylight Values

Open Communication
Constant Improvement
True Partnership